Welcome to our organization Auto Bench Rest Association. . When you sign-up, you will be introduced to a whole new world for Bench Rest Shooting. We offer personalized service, a certified gunsmith, we are available to answer any questions that you might have at any time. We have taken 10/22 Semi Auto Competition to the next level. Come and Join and see what it is all about. We look forward to hearing from you..

  unlimited class

Any Semi-automatic rifle chambered for the .22 Long Rifle cartridges may be used. The gun also needs to be able to function in a semi-auto fashion at all times, and all cartridges must be fed from a magazine into the guns chamber.

  Factory class

Factory rifle barrel with factory markings must be used for its model, and no diameter more than .750, at the end of the barrel and without alteration. However, it may be re-crowned and re-chambered. If barrel has a front sight, it must be retained. Rear sight may be taken off to make room for scope.

  about abra

An ABRA match event consists of a minimum of three competitors, shooting from two to four targets per day, at ABRA Sanctioned Clubs throughout the United States and Canada. 1-2 All match events are either part of sanctioned Club and/or Tournament events may be held at those same Clubs. All events scheduled and the results of those events will be listed on the ABRA website at www.autobenchrestassociation.com

our target

We have designed a custom target specifically for the semi-auto firearms. It consists of 20 bulls for a maximum score of 200. Everything is scored to the friendly side. Keeping it with a family environment . We encourage you to bring a youth shooter to the range, All youth shooters are allowed to compete at no charge, and we will help to teach them gun safety and good sportsmanship.

2017 ABRA National Champions

Mike McCoy – 2017 National Unlimited Aggregate Champion with a 193.58 Agg
Mike is a long time shooter who builds his own rifles. He used an old Sinclair fiberglass stock
for a Panda action. He modified and bedded it for a CST action with a 21½” Clark barrel and CTS tuner. The bolt is a standard Ruger bolt that was modified and has a Kidd 2 stage trigger. The scope is a Nightforce 12×42. The front rest is a Caldwell “The Rock”. The rear rest is a 30 yr old bag filled with regular sand that is held together with duct tape and wire wrapped around it! Pretty good for a guy blind in one eye.

mike mccoy

Steve DuVall – 2017 National Unlimited Champion with 192.4 Agg + 225 points for a total of 417.44 Agg + Points.
Steve had his best year after being in ABRA for 3 years. He built a new rifle this year using a Microfit Gunstock that he finished and bedded a Kidd action with a 24” Shilen barrel with gunsmith work done by Joe Chacon. The rifle includes a Kidd 2 stage trigger, Weaver 36X scope and a Harrell tuner. The front rest is a Farley rest and the rear rest is a Protektor bag. On his journey to win the National Unlimited, he won the Kentucky State Unlimited title along with State Tournaments in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Texas. He placed second in the Louisiana State Tournament missing first place by .333 Agg points.

Steve Duvall

Arthur Shaffer – 2017 National Factory Aggregate Champion with a 180.50 Agg
Arthur is last year’s Unlimited Champion and changed to a Ruger LVT factory rifle this year. He does his own gunsmith work re-chambering, and re-crowning the barrel and doing a trigger job along with bedding the stock. His scope of choice is a Weaver 36X. He uses a Bald Eagle front rest and an ABRA rest

art Shaffer

Harold Reynolds – 2017 National Factory  Champion with a 177.9  Agg +190 points for a total of 367.9 Agg + Points.
Harold was also Georgia’s State Factory Champion this year. He is shooting a Ruger, Center X Ammo, Rockwell front rest, Bag for rear rest and doing his own gunsmithing.

Harold Reynolds

Shelby Matoy – 2017 National Unlimited Youth  Champion with a 183.30  Agg +182 points for a total of 365.3 Agg + Points.
Shelby shot 83 cards across 5 States and also had the highest card shot for the Youth Unlimited in 4 seasons, shooting a 196. She is shooting a Kidd receiver, Douglas Barrel, Caldwell front rest, ABRA rear rest, and Center X Ammo.

Shelby Matoy

Seth Taylor – 2017 National Factory  Youth  Champion with a 166.07  Agg +20 points for a total of 186.07 Agg + Points.
Seth is shooting a Factory Rifle in Ohio.  He is our very 1st Youth Factory Buckle winner and we cannot wait to see what he does next year.

Seth taylor

2017 ABRA State champions

Unlimited State Champions:

Georgia: Jim Haley, 2nd Ricky Haley

Kentucky: Steve DuVall, 2nd Mike McCoy

Colton Gayne Youth Champion

Louisiana: Eddie Robertons, 2nd Jerry Smith, 3rd Robert Eaton

Ohio: Hal Davis

Tennessee: Benji Matoy

Shelby Matoy Youth Champion

Texas: Allen Taylor, 2nd Les Williams, 3rd Lisa Chacon

Darek Biggs Youth Champion

Factory State Champions:

Georgia: Harold Reynolds

Kentucky: Michael Blackard

Louisiana: Rodney Eaton

Ohio: John Joseph, 2nd Doug Depweg

Seth Taylor Youth Champion

Tennessee: Rebecca Carroll

Texas: Ron Herring, 2nd David Russell